Adam Dowsett




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A.D.A.M (Active Mind Active Day) is a habit tracker website that helps users establish positive habits and achieve their goals by tracking their daily activities. Built using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, the website provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface for creating and tracking habits.

The website's frontend allows users to easily create, update, and delete habits, as well as track their progress towards their goals. Users can customize their habits by setting the frequency and duration of each habit. The website also provides a dashboard that displays users' progress over time, allowing them to see their improvements and stay motivated.

A.D.A.M's backend was built using Expressjs and includes user authentication using bcrypt. Users can create an account and securely log in to access their personalized habit tracking dashboard. The website's backend also stores users' habit data, allowing them to access their progress data from anywhere and on any device.

Finally, A.D.A.M was thoroughly tested using Jest, a JavaScript testing framework. This ensures that the website functions properly and that all of its features work as expected.